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Your GRANT and Mortgage can be approved in 3 to 4 days and your Purchase Agreement can be closed in 30-45 days.

Lack of Down Payment coupled with High Debt to Income Ratio is the biggest obstacle to homeownership

Car Payments, Credit Card Debt, Student Loans and little savings can price First Time Buyers out of homeownership.

Luckily FundMyHome is design to help you with the funds you need for your Down Payment or to pay down your existing Debt.

FundMyHome provides you a GRANT for your Down Payment and Closing Costs

Even though Renters could easily afford a mortgage payment, Renters tend to avoid homeownership due to the financial strain and stress that they believe they’re going to incur; instead, they continue to be burdened with rising rental costs and their inability to save for a down payment.

FundMyHome reduces the financial strain and stress of homebuyers by providing them help with the funds they need

A Mortgage Loan approval is necessary to receive your Down Payment Assistance Grant

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